9 Cool Sites for Writers

These days you have to be writer, publicist, and marketer. I am always looking for interesting tools and sites for marketing my writing. Here are nine sites every writer needs to know about...

Canva lets you create graphics and memes for your social media posts. It's an easy-to-use online design tool.

Spoken.ly helps you create and share memes and quotes.

TweetDeck helps you organize and schedule your tweets. I use the free version as my Twitter scheduler.

Fiverr is a site where you can commission work or projects for five dollars or a nominal fee. You can get inexpensive artwork, cartoons, voiceovers, and videos here.

Ping-o-matic allows you to enter your blog's URL, and it will ping a variety of search engines to make sure they're aware of your site. This helps with search engine optimization.

GotPrint is a great site for ordering all kinds of print materials.

Next Day Flyers is another site for all kinds of print materials. They have a quick turnaround on orders.

Etsy is a great site for unique gifts. I order book and mystery-related items for gift baskets and reader give aways.

Bitly allows you to create shortened or customized links for social media posts. You can also use it to track clicks on your links.

What other sites would you recommend for writers?