I found thriller author, Steve Berry, through his short story in Faceoff.

I started near the end of Berry's series with The King's Deception, so now I have novels on either side of it to catch up on the story. But, I don't think you lose anything. Berry does a good job with building his characters and providing enough backstory, so you can read his works out of sequence.

The King's Deception is action-packed. It starts with retired state department investigator (and current bookstore owner), Cotton Malone doing a favor for a former boss. He's supposed to escort a youth back to London on a trip that he is taking with his son. The one good deed gets him involved with a 400-year-old hoax that could have major implications for the United States and Great Britain.

I love how Berry weaves history throughout his novel. His research is detailed. I had my iPad out while reading to look at the art and European locations that he described. I had to see the "rainbow" portrait.

And Berry has a knack for dropping bombshells throughout the work. All the roller coaster plot twists kept me turning pages. It was definitely hard to put down.

The King's Deception is a worthwhile read. And I'm hooked on Steve Berry. The Lincoln Myth is next.