Maggie King's Murder at the Book Group isn't your sweet, cozy. Her debut novel, set in and around Richmond, Virginia is made up of a quirky group of book lovers. When one of the organizers dies at a meeting at her home, members of the group start looking at each other and pointing fingers. And that's when the gloves come off and the secrets come out. What appears to be a middle-aged tea-and-book-loving group turns into political rifts and sexcapades. No one's tawdry secrets are safe.

Her protagonist, romance writer, Hazel Rose, works with her cousin Lucy and a former police detective to put all of the pieces together and uncover the murderer.

I love the tagline on the cover, "Someone's about to turn the last page."

Check out Maggie's new novel. I look forward to seeing where her characters go in the next novel.


l-r: Maggie King, Fiona Quinn, Rosemary Shomaker, Jayne Omereod, and Heather Weidner at the MURDER AT THE BOOK GROUP launch party.