Stuff You Need to Know...

More and more Millennials are joining the workforce. Your generation is amazing with technology and gadgets. You can find anything in an instant. But I wonder if you're able to function without the gadgets. Here are seven things you need to know how to do.

1.  Know how to read an analog clock. It sounds funny, but I had to explain "quarter past the hour" and "quarter 'til the hour" to an intern recently.

2. Know how to read a map. You may not always have your phone or GPS. Can you look at a map and figure out where you want to be? Did you know that odd numbered interstates run north and south, and even numbered ones run east and west?

3. Google is my best friend most days too. I love that I can find anything on the Internet in 3-10 seconds. But don't always depend on the wikis and non-original sources. Explore the original sites and books once in a while. You'll be amazed at what you learn.

4. Don't get so wrapped up in technology or the busy-ness of life that you miss out on living. Go outside. Go on adventures. (My husband is still trying to talk me into camping. We'll see.)

5. I love my SmartPhone. It's not the toy that I once thought it was. But don't let it be your only connection to others. I read a study recently that said that those under 20 have trouble reading others' facial expressions and emotions. Don't lose face-to-face contact. We're humans, and we need all kinds of relationships and connections.

6. Not everything in life has to have a survey to go with it. Sometimes, you should just enjoy the experience without feeling compelled to comment or offer an opinion.

7. And try good ole pen and paper every once in a while. There is something magical about expressing yourself by creating something.  There's a connection that you don't get with digital media.

Happy Friday. I hope you have wonderful adventures this weekend!