Book Club Questions

Here are discussion questions for my mysteries. I love book clubs, and I'd love to visit or Skype with your group. Drop me a note to schedule a date and time.

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Secret Lives and Private Eyes

1. Does Delanie have an advantage or disadvantage as a female private investigator? Why?

2. What role does Duncan play as Delanie's partner and sidekick? What types of help does he provide that she can't get from other sources?

3. Margaret the Wonder Dog is Duncan's sidekick and shadow. What is Margaret's role in the mystery?

4. Do you think Duncan has a crush on Delanie? How does the introduction of Evie Hachey change this? How does Duncan's role evolve in the story?

5. Does Delanie's relationship with Chaz evolve during the story?

6. Does Chaz have any redeeming qualities? 

7. How do the secrets that some of the characters are protecting affect their lives? And the lives of others?

8. How does Delanie reconcile situations when she she feels she's doing the best for her client, but her actions may cross a moral or ethical line?

9. Do you think Delanie can maintain a secret (serious) relationship with John Bailey? Why?


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The Tulip Shirt Murders

1. Delanie often rushes into situations with the best intentions of helping her clients. How does this impulse affect her investigations and even her personal safety?

2. In the first book, Delanie tried to rid her life of Chaz (Charles Wellington Smith, III). How do their characters evolve over time? What's the relationship?

3. What role does Margaret the Wonder Dog play in the series? Is she a character in her own right?

4. Delanie is sassy and often fearless. Do you think this helps her in her job or does it cause more conflict?

5. Delanie often makes up stories and names when she is sleuthing. She justifies this as a means to get information. How does this affect others?

6. Several of the men in Delanie's life would prefer that she had another type of job. How does this feedback make her more determined to exceed in her role as a private investigator?

7. Delanie often gets herself into situations that involve interesting activities like larping and roller derby. Why does this always seem to happen to her?