#ThisorThatThursday Author Interview with Kimberly Hunt

I’d like to welcome Kimberly Hunt to the blog for #ThisorThatThursday!


Things you need for your editing sessions: hours, your manuscript, my computer, and sometimes a red pen

Things that hamper your editing: the requirements of being human (sleep, social obligations, etc.)

Things you love about editing: Reading, providing positive feedback so the author knows specifically what is working well, and suggesting solutions where needed to enhance the successful delivery of their vision.

Things you hate about editing: The frantic worry that I've missed something and the self-restraint needed to NOT point out every flaw. There's a fine balance between helping to improve and overwhelming an author with too many revision suggestions.

Hardest thing about being an editor: As a freelancer, the varied pace is hard. Sometimes my schedule is packed and I work too many hours; when it's slow I focus on training and marketing.

Easiest thing about being an editor: I get to read for a living!!!

Things you never want to run out of: Appreciation for the craft and the patience of my family and friends who indulge my obsession.

Things you wish you’d never bought: Almost everything after I buy it. I like LESS. Clutter is my Achilles heel.

Favorite music or song: REO Speedwagon's Time for Me to Fly because of my dad

Music that drives you crazy: My kid's recorder. That is a new level of parenting hell.

Favorite beverage: Spa water (water infused with cucumber or fruit)

Something that gives you a sour face: I don't like mean people and I don't like Jägermeister.

Something you wish you could do: Take more volunteer vacations like I did last summer. Travel + Volunteering = Bliss.

Something you wish you’d never learned to do: Cook. I do not enjoy it. I'd rather starve.

Things to say to an editor: Thank you. I value your skills and appreciate that you used them to make my book better. Here's your prompt payment for all of the hours you poured into making my book the best it can be.

Things to say to an editor if you want a lecture: Editing costs too much, I'll just ask my neighbor to edit it for free. Quality costs. It's like asking a teenager to build a house versus hiring professionals who have the training, experience, and tools to deliver a quality product.

Favorite books (or genre): Romance! And mystery, suspense and psychological thrillers. OK, I also like memoirs and pretty much anything else if it's well-written.

Books you wouldn’t buy: Zero limitations. As a kid from a large family, my parents had to put me on a budget for the monthly scholastic book club flyers. Picture a scrawny girl with an armful of library books - that was me.

Most daring thing you’ve ever done: Skydiving, sleeping in the Outback, snorkeling with sharks, walked past black bears raiding garbage cans, starting my freelance editing business

Something you chickened out from doing: I've chickened out of ever chickening out. Seriously, I can't think of anything and it's not that I think I'm brave. I'm probably just easily persuaded into doing adventurous things. I don't like to disappoint people.

About Kimberly:

Kimberly Hunt is a freelance editor with Revision Division. She has twenty years of experience managing projects and developmental editing fiction with a certification in copyediting as well. She's happy to answer questions about writing and editing but beware as she can go on at length about her passions: reading, running, and volunteering.

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