Lisa Scottoline's DIRTY BLONDE

I usually read Lisa Scottoline's Rosato and DiNunzio series. I wanted to try some of her other books, so I picked up Dirty Blonde from 2007.

This novel, set in Philadelphia, is about Judge Kate Fante, who gets a case from a local writer who pitched an idea for a TV crime show to a childhood friend. The writer is suing the friend who went on to produce the show, which became a smash hit. The judge rules in favor of the producer, and a melee breaks out after her ruling. Later that day, the producer is murdered, and the writer is found dead of an apparent suicide. But there is something fishy with the story.

Judge Fante and her private (secret) live are thrust into the spotlight because of this case. She risks her job, career, and reputation to solve the murder after she is censured for her behavior.

I enjoyed Scottoline's description of Centralia, PA (Judge Fante's home town). This is a real town in northern Pennsylvania where underground coal mines caught fire in 1962. It led to the evacuation of the town that is still burning.

The novel's true murderer's reveal was a little flat, but all-in-all, it was a quick, fun read. The naughty judge makes good. I look forward to reading more of Scottline's works.