Book Signings 101

We launched Virginia is for Mysteries last January. Since then, we've done quite a few book signings, panels, and presentations for our anthology. Here's what I've learned...

1. Always have lots of pens and give-aways with you. I had my only pen dry up at our book launch.

2. Stand up at your signings. It makes you look more approachable. I learned this from Lisa Scottoline at the Virginia Festival of the Book.

3. Always bring candy, and it should be chocolate. Thanks, Mary Burton for the tip.

4. Create a supply bag. Include tape, pens, camera, bookmarks, business cards, and anything else you could need.

5. If you're in a large room and you wear makeup, you may want to go with darker colors, so the folks in the back can see you.

6. Ladies, paint your nails. Everyone is looking at your hands.

7. When you schedule a signing, always ask about the location. We did an outside venue in January. And even though they had a heated tent, it was freezing.

8. Even if someone else is selling your books, keep a box with you. We had two signings where the bookstores ran out.

9. Always have something to give away. Print bookmarks, postcards, or business cards with your social media contacts. Don't forget to put your ISBN# on your materials.

10. I bought a fold-up handcart on Amazon. It's great if you're toting boxes of books to different venues.

Happy Book Signings!