When Life Cuts into Your Writing Time

Life is busy most days. I had dental surgery last week, and the recovery knocked me out of my normal routine. I work full-time and have family and other obligations. Sometimes, it's hard to stay motivated and find time for writing. (Then I feel guilty for not writing.)

These are my eight ideas for squeezing in more writing time.

1. I joined a monthly critique group. Find one that fits your needs and schedule. Don't over extend yourself with multiples. This gives me a monthly deadline and keeps my writing projects on track. Plus, it's an incredible motivator. I always leave my writing events recharged.

2. I use my lunch hour at work to write, outline, edit, or blog. I get five hours of writing a week this way.

3. Take a good, honest look at the time you're watching TV/movies or cruising the internet. If you give up an hour a day, that's seven extra hours of writing time a week.

4. I do like some TV, but I record the shows, so I can speed through the commercials. I also combine my TV time with my pursuing the internet time. I can multitask.

5. I set a blog schedule. I randomly posted and noticed that my site numbers looked like a rollercoaster. I committed to one new blog post a week, and I now have a routine for reposting links. Again, it gives me a deadline each week, and my statistics are vastly improved (and consistent).

6. I get up early even on my days off. You'll be surprised at how much you can get accomplished. I use the quiet time to write. If the evening or wee hours are better, do what works for you.

7. My company offers an alternative work schedule. I added an extra hour to my work day, but I get every other Friday off. I reserve those for my writing days.

8. I love projects, crafts, traveling, and causes. I loved being involved in events and on the go constantly. I had to look closely at my schedule and where I was spending my time, and I had to jettison a few things to commit to my writing projects.

Life is hectic, and there are days where I wrote only a couple of paragraphs. Don't get discouraged. (That's easier said than done.) Keep writing. Just keep writing.

Find the support and encouragement you need and get rid of the distractions.