Unusual (But Practical) Gifts...

Most girls get flowers or other gifts from their dad. My dad, the cop, always put safety and preparedness first. I received flowers too, but these are some of the more unusual gifts he's given me over the years.

Car Emergency Device - When I moved to Richmond, VA (River City), he gave me a multifunctional tool for my car. It has a metal head that can break a car window if you drive off a bridge and can't get out of a submerged car. It also has a blade on the handle for cutting through a seat belt. We have one now in each car.

Emergency Fire Escape - When we moved into a two-story house, he gave me a portable fire escape that you can throw out a window and climb down to safety. It lives under my bed.

Window and Sliding Glass Door Locks - When I moved into my first apartment. He did a safety check and brought additional window locks and a device for the sliding glass door.

DNA Kit - Once, he gave me a DNA kit in case I went missing. The idea was to swab your mouth and put the sample in a container for storage in case it was needed.

Whistles, Pepper Gas, and Flashlights - He's given me several whistles, econo-sized pepper gas canisters, and a Maglight flashlight that doubles as a small bat.

And often when I leave their house, my southern mom sends food home, and my dad sends bullets that can be used on the practice range. The gifts are unusual, but I know he loves me and is looking out for me. I had an unusual childhood, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.