In a Rut? Ten Ways to Recharge Your Writing

Every once in a while, I get too comfortable in my routine or life is just crazy, and I don't feel very creative or I take a break from writing. Here's my list of ten things to do to give you a jumpstart.

1. Mix it up. Vary your routine. Change the setting on your shower. Wear something you won't normally be seen in. Try a different route to work or eat something out of the ordinary. Have breakfast for dinner to shake up the routine.

2. Try a different hair style. Change your makeup or paint your nails.

3. Journal or do stream of consciousness writing. Sit down and just write. Nothing is off limits. Don't edit or proofread. Just write. You may be surprised at the results.

4. Find a book or website with writing prompts. Do one or two to get you started. They may turn into an interesting blog post.

5. Do a project. Try a new recipe, paint, sew, refinish furniture, make a scrapbook, or knit a scarf. Creativity expression comes in thousands of different forms.

6. Exercise or go for a walk. It'll clear your head and change your perspective.

7. Visit somewhere different. Take a vacation, go to a museum, or visit your city. The time away is a good break.

8. Learn something new. Take a class, watch a YouTube how-to video. There are plenty of free or online classes.

9. Volunteer. Donate some time to a worthwhile cause and meet some new people with different experiences. You'll get as much as you give.

10. Go for a drive. I commute about two hours a day, and I do my best plotting in the car.

What else would you add to the list?