I Have Proof! Reindeer Tracks

            One year, it snowed late on Christmas Eve. It rarely did that in Virginia Beach. I didn’t know which was more exciting, Christmas or snow. We opened the front door, and there were real, honest-to-goodness reindeer tracks on the front steps. I couldn’t believe it. I had proof. I saw them. That’s where the reindeer waited while Santa unloaded all of my loot.

            I found out much later that my “reindeer” was the next-door neighbor’s German Shepherd JoJo.

Random Acts of Christmas Kindness

I've been challenged to complete 31 Days of Random Acts of Christmas Kindness in December. It's a pay-it-forward deal instead of counting down to the Advent Season.

I can pay tolls or tabs while I'm in line. I can hold doors and leave snacks or treats. Any other ideas?

I'm going to work on my list, and I'll keep you updated on my progress.

Let the holiday season begin!

Happy Veterans' Day!

Many thanks to all who have served to preserve our freedoms. You and your families have endured and sacrificed much, so that we can enjoy what we hold dear. Our nation owes you an incredible debt.

Thanks to my veterans: Stan Weidner, Bill Cain, William Simpson, Landon Simpson, William Simpson, Jr., Lewis Welch, Sr.,  Irving G. Dewberry, Sr., Jack Dewberry, Harry Edwards, and Elwood Katzaman.